In this Adobe Edge Animate video training tutorial, Adobe Certified Instructor, Mark Itskowitch, introduces you to animating with Adobe Edge Animate. Learn how to use Auto-Keyframe, Auto-Transition and the Toggle Pin.

In this After Effects video training tutorial, Mr. Heaton, one of our Video Instructors teaches you a little tip for the more advanced user, about applying text animator properties in Adobe After Effects. This little After Effects tip can help you remove clutter from your timeline and simplify the process of adding properties.

Learn how to slice your Photoshop File to export and optimize each image individually. Export your images, create links and ALT tags right in Photoshop and then export to an HTML file. Learn this and more in our Photoshop Training Class in Los Angeles or Live Online from your home or office with headTrix Training Classes!
by Mark Itskowitch (headTrix Training)

Learn how to create Layer Masks in Photoshop to hide and reveal parts of an image to create some magical effects!
by Mark Itskowitch (headTrix Training)

Learn a quick Photoshop Technique for removing wrinkles with Digital Plastic Surgery.
by Mark Itskowitch (headTrix Training)

Learn how to easily export all your layers into ONE PDF file. Also in this tutorial, you will learn how to export all your Layer Comps to a PDF or a PDF presentation to present to clients.

Learn how to create Video Demos in Captivate 6, Zoom, Pan and insert Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Video

learn this and more in our Captivate Level 1 Training Class

In this tutorial we work in CS6 using the History Panel to set the focus of our images by turning the background to black and white while keeping the foreground (the focus of our image) in color. Learn this and many more techniques in our Photoshop Level 2 Training

This tutorial shows you how to create rollover images or rollover buttons using Dreamweaver.
Learn this and a whole lot more in our Dreamweaver Level 1 Training Class!

This tutorial shows you how to create an organic drop shadown using layer effects and then creating a new layer so we can distort and transform the shadow any way we like!

Learn this and more in our Photoshop Level 1 Training Class!