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Getting Started With Your New Website

Building a website is like building a house. A house can be built with 1 floor, or two, three bedrooms or four, a small bathroom or large laundry room. It is all dependent on how you want your house (or your website)? We need to think about who to design the site for, and figure out how many rooms or pages you will have, find out what sites YOU like or dislike, colors you love or hate, the current branding of your company, etc. This will enable us to build YOUR website as YOU want it. To aid us in building a website that targets your wants and needs, please fill out the questionnaire below and submit all files as requested.

1. What is the purpose for your site?
Are you planning on selling something on your site? Or are you creating an informational site?

2. Who is your target market?
Who do you think will be viewing your website? Students? Professionals? Senior Citizens? Males/Females? What target market should it be designed for?

3. What is your domain name?
A domain name is what the user types in to view your website via a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape. (ie. is the domain name for Yahoo!)
If you do not have a domain name you can search for available names and/or purchase your domain at

4. Who is hosting your site?
A web host is a company that hosts your site, placing all your files on one of their servers (computers) so the pages can be viewed globally. If you need a web host you can find the top rated hosts at the links below:

We use Crystal Tech(good prices, great customer service by phone or email: (let them know "headTrix" referred you

5. What is your FTP information?
Your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the information we need in order to log in and update and/or post to your website(to place your files from a desktop to a server(host) for the world to access). You will need to please contact your web host for the following FTP information(they should be very familiar with this information):

"hello host... I need the FTP information to login to my site via Dreamweaver"

FTP Host:
Host Directory:

6. Do you have a logo? Business Card? Or any other company branded material?
We will need your logo in its original vector format (.ai (Adobe Illustrator) or as an .swf (Shockwave Flash)). Your designer should be able to send you these files.
If you do not have a logo, we can design one for you. Any other company material (business cards, letter head, brochures, etc.) will be helpful to stay consistent with your companies branding.

7. Create a FlowChart.
A FlowChart or Site map is a blueprint or layout for your website. Creating a flowchart will help you to determine how many pages will be incorporated into your website, and how pages will link together.
 ( see example )

8. Gather Content
To put content on your website, we will need all the text, and any associated files (images, illustrations, photos, PDF docs, videos, etc) that you wish to ad to each corresponding page as designed in your flowchart. You can create this using a Word or a Powerpoint Document.

9. Sites you like and/or dislike.
To aid us in designing a website that is consistent with your style and preferences, we will need you to review a few sites to get a feel of what you like/dislike.
Please search and review some competitors sites via List 3 website's that you like and and 3 that you dislike. Then make a note of what you like and or disliked in each of the sites that you review (ie. "I like the clean layout and all the white space", "...this site was hard to read and tough to navigate", " I love the colors, but it is too busy", "I like the way the colors and movement really make the site exciting", "I really dig the buttons and easy navigation")

10. Any other helpful information.
If you have a logo, it usually makes sense to stay consistent with your company look and feel. But feel free to add comments, or colors you might like and/or dislike, if you want a basic HTML page or animated Flash enhancements? Any of your own ideas, suggestions, etc.

*Please send all images and requested files above within ONE(1) WinRar file to avoid corruption, and for easy download and delivery
(you can download the WinRar for free
here )

We look forward to creating your website!


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