How to Create a Classic Tween in Adobe Animate
Adobe Certified Instructor, Mark Itskowitch shows how to start animating in Adobe Animate by learning how to add keyframes, and classic motion tweens to get things moving! And create Motion Guides to animate along a path.

What you will learn?

  • Every animation has at least two keyFrames, one for the starting point and one for the ending point (press F6 to insert KeyFrame)
  • To add a motion tween, Right-Click between the two keyFrames and select Create Classic Motion Tween
  • Import bitmaps by dragging them in and out of the CC LIbrary, or File Import
  • Add points to a vector shape by holding down the option key(alt on PC) and dragging with your mouse
  • Right-clicking on layer with a classic motion tween and select Add Classic Motion Guide to animate along a path. Draw a path (lock center point of object to path on all keyframes)
  • Select first keyFrame and click Orient to Path in properties panel to animate object along the guide
  • Rotate boat (press Q to Transform) along path on both keyFrames so animation orients to the path

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