How to Create Symbols
 in Adobe Animate
Adobe Certified Instructor, Mark Itskowitch shows you how to use the drawing tools to create fills, strokes, smooth your lines, attach lines, cut them, and create a vector boat that you will animate in the next movie.

What you will learn?

  • How to draw with Adobe Animate
  • Every shape in Animate comes with a stroke (outside border) and a fill (the inside color of a shape)
  • Lines can be dragged and connect and snap to each other
  • Tool tips help to show if a shape will move as a curve or as a point
  • Bezier curves are simplified by simple clicking and dragging the lines or shapes
  • Lines get divided where they intersect and can snap together
  • The drawing tool has 3 settings (ink, smooth, and straighten)
  • Paint Bucket is for adding color to fills, and Ink bottles adds color to the stroke

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