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1 Day Course - $495

Administering Adobe Contribute 3 introduces Administrators and Publishers to Adobe Contribute. Participants learn how to configure Adobe Contribute so they can deploy web sites, create and distribute site connections for users, and manage the web site’s settings and user permissions.

This course is for web designers and developers or staff responsible for maintaining their organization's website and web servers, that would like to use Contribute to build intuitive, attractive and accessible web sites. This class will also cover the fundamentals of working with Adobe Contribute 3 Publishing Services (CPS).

Course Outline  
Unit 1:  Introducing the Course
  • About the course
  • Course objectives
  • Introducing Adobe Contribute
  • Exploring Contribute Roles and Responsibilities
Unit 2: Connecting with Contribute 3
  • Planning Website Connections
  • Configuring Network and Server
  • Creating a Connection
  • Changing Contribute Preferences
  • Becoming an Administrator
  • Configuring Sitewide Settings
  • Setting Web Server Properties
Unit 3:  Managing Users and Permissions
  • Using Opt-In Connections
  • Using Managed Sites with
    Contribute Publishing Services
  • Designing an Approval System
  • Using Built-in Contribute Roles
  • Customizing Contribute Roles
  • Creating and Distributing
    Connection Keys
Unit 4:  Using Contribute Publishing Services
  • Describing Contribute Publishing Services
  • Using the Publishing Services Server
  • Enabling Publishing Services
  • Specifying a User Directory
  • Using an XML User List
  • Enabling the User Directory
  • Assigning Users to Roles
  • Disabling and Enabling Your CPS Connection
  • Connections via CPS
  • Understanding the Approval Process
Unit 5:  Setting New Page and Styling Options
  • Restricting New Page Options
  • Administering Template Options
  • Enabling External Page Source
  • Administering Styling Settings
  • Filtering Styles
Unit 6: Managing Site Assets
  • Creating Shared Assets
  • Setting Image Options
  • Enabling Accessibility
Unit 7: Deploying and Maintaining Contribute Managed Sites
  • Completing Deployment Tasks
  • Restricting Access to Administrative Folders
  • Securing your Web Server
  • Logging via Contribute Publishing Services
  • Using CPS Notifications
  • Removing Administrationon
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