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2 Day Course - $895

Fast Track to HTML is a two-day course that provides web developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice needed to create, test, and deploy a web site. You will learn how to write effective HTML code, use CSS in conjunction with HTML, and work with some of the key features of HomeSite 5.0. In addition, you will be introduced to XHTML basics and the Dreamweaver editor.


To gain the most from the class, you should already have:

  • Familiarity with a Windows environment.
  • Familiarity with web terminology.

Course Outline  
Unit 1: Web Basics
  • Introducing the world wide web
  • Understanding website components
  • The web accessibility initiative
Unit 2: HTML Basics
  • Introduction to HTML and XHTML
  • Using editors to create HTML documents
  • Understanding HTML syntax
  • Looking at the document HTML tags
  • Structuring HTML code
  • Introducing Macromedia HomeSite
  • Writing HTML with HomeSite
Unit 3: Structuring Page Content with HTML
  • Working from a design to structure pages
  • The basic page structure
  • Creating headings
  • Using paragraphs and line breaks
  • Creating lists
  • Using horizontal rules
  • Using tables
Unit 4: Using Links and Images
  • Understanding links
  • Embedding images
Unit 5: Developing Forms
  • Understanding HTML forms
  • Using standard form controls
  • Choosing form controls
  • Processing form data
  • Using form guidelines
Unit 6: Cascading Style Sheets
  • How web browsers handle content display
  • Introducing cascading style sheets
  • Understanding basic CSS syntax
  • Using TopStyle Lite editor
  • Linking style sheets
  • Using advanced CSS features
  • Using CSS with tables
Unit 7: Testing, Deploying, and Maintaining a Website
  • Testing a website
  • Deploying a website
Unit 8: Introducing Dreamweaver
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver interface basics
  • Defining a local site
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