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After Effects Training

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After Effects Bootcamp Training | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Sacramento

Motion Graphics and Video Post-Production

After Effects | Bootcamp training is an in depth hands-on beginning thru intermediate class combining both level 1 & 2 into an integrated bootcamp. Learn this great tool for creating motion graphics and Hollywood style effects for cinema, broadcast television and web formats. Learn to create rich compositions with video, Photoshop files, Illustrator files, and create motion graphics, motion tracking, masking, advanced 3D & more.




After Effects Bootcamp Upcoming Classes

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After Effects Training Outline | Bootcamp

Los Angeles Adobe After Effects Training

Our Adobe After Effects Bootcamp course is a combination of
After Effects | Level 1 and After Effects | Level 1.

This class is designed to get the beginner student up and running in After Effects and motion graphics and compositing. You will learn beginner through intermediate skills.


  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac

Real-World Usage of After Effects

  • What is After Effects?
  • What kind of media can it be used to create?
  • What kind of media can be imported into After Effects?
  • The advantages of Adobe product integration
  • A typical After Effects workflow sequence

After Effects Project Management

  • What kind of media output is required?
  • What is the playback format for final output?
  • What restrictions are there for the
  • projects physical window frame size?
  • What restrictions are there for the
  • projects frame rate?
  • What restrictions are there for graphical screen-based assets?

Setting Up an After Effects Project

  • RAM and real-time rendering
  • Setting Preferences
  • Creating a Composition
  • Understanding and navigating the After Effects workspace
  • Working with After Effects Tools

Importing and Manipulating GRAPHICS

  • Importing Photoshop layered files
  • Importing Illustrator layered files
  • Working with layers and properties
  • Animating layer properties
  • Round-trip Editing:Editing graphics using an external editor
    from within After Effects

Importing and Manipulating VIDEO CLIPS

  • Importing QuickTime movies
  • Video compression issues
  • Time-base issues
  • Frame rate issues
  • Laying video clips into the Time Layout Window
  • Changing video clip properties
  • Animating video clips
  • Superimposing video clips

Importing and Manipulating SOUND

  • Importing Sound
  • Audio compression issues
  • Manipulating sound cues in the Time Layout Window
  • Synching sound to visual events
  • Sound filters
  • Sound processing effects

Creating TEXT and TITLES

  • Importing text as bitmap graphics
  • Creating text within After Effects
  • Editing imported text within After Effects


  • Working with visual effects
  • Working with visual effect transitions

Working with MASKS

  • Transparency in the After Effects environment
  • Understanding alpha channels, masks, mattes, and keying
  • Creating masks in After Effects

Importing and Manipulating PREMIERE

  • Understanding Adobe Premiere
  • Importing Premiere projects into After Effects
  • Editing Premiere files using Premiere as an
    external editor from within After Effects
  • Editing After Effects files using After Effects as an
    external editor from within Premiere

Final Project File RENDERING

  • Testing for final export
  • Final file rendering for a variety of output formats
  • Choosing rendering options


  • About keying
  • Changing background color
  • Creating a garbage mask
  • Adding the foreground subject
  • Color Difference Key effect
  • Choking the matte
  • Removing spill
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Background animation
  • Titles
  • Adding animated elements
  • Copying effects across layers

Performing Color Correction

  • Lesson overview
  • Getting started
  • Adjusting color balance
  • Replacing an element of the shot
  • Lightening other dark areas
  • Correcting a range of colors
  • Warming colors with the Photo Filter effect
  • Removing unwanted elements

Building and Animating a 3D Object

  • Animating a square in 3D space
  • Using 3D views
  • Flipping the cube bottom
  • Creating the 3D floor
  • Building the cube sides
  • Animating the cube sides

Using 3D Effects

  • Using 3D lights
  • Turning on shadows

Working with Cameras

  • Adding a camera
  • Adding animated elements
  • Adding logos

Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Temporal Distortion: Timewarp
  • Parallax

Using Motion Stabilization

  • Single-point motion tracking
  • Multipoint tracking

Creating Particle Systems

  • Introduction to Particle systems
  • Particle worlds: Cyclore effects
  • Customising particle effects
  • Understanding particle system properties

Rendering and Output

  • Creating templates for the rendering process
  • Creating templates for output modules
  • Rendering to different output media



After Effects Text Layer Training Tip


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