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Search Engine Optimization Training


Social Media Marketing Training | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Sacramento | Newport

Optimize Your Website for Google & Bing!

Search Engine Optimization| Level 1

Get your website to show up on the front pages of the top search engines and increase your web traffic! Learn the basics of SEO, along with many valuable internet marketing strategies & techniques to increase online visibility and search results in our Search Engine Optimization class.

This course introduces you to Search Engine Optimization(SEO), so you can get your site listed organically at the top of the major search engines. What good is a website if users can't find you? Learn SEO and increase your web presence. Learn numerous ways to help grow your web presence in this one day class!

Search Engine Optimization is a cheap solution to more leads! Gain the competitive edge!

Photoshop Training Classes in Los Angeles
  • Search Engine Optimization Training in Los Angeles or Live Online

    Optimize your Website
    Learn to optimize your website to show up organically on Google, Bing, and Yahoo using some simple basic techniques.

  • HTML Optimization for SEO
    Learn the basics of HTML so you can understand how your site was created, and optimize your files for better search results.

  • Improve your search results and stand out with Google Authorship and star ratings. Improve SEO ranking, click-through and optimize your brand in our Search Engine Optimization Training Class

    Improve your Search Results

    Learn how to make your listing stand out. Increase click-through rates and get noticed with star rankings, video captures, and your profile pic in google results.

  • Improve your search results and gain perspective on your market and see who is visiting your website with Google Analytics in our Search Engine Optimization Training Class

    Analyze your Audience

    Learn how you to analyze your visitor traffic, how they found your website, their geography, sex, and more.

  • Learn the power of Social Media for Search Engine Optimization Training

    SEO and Social Media

    Learn the power of using Social Media to help with your PageRank and Search results

  • Learn how to create a custom YouTube channel, channel art, and grow your channel in this Social Media Marketing Training Class

    The Power of YouTube

    Learn how to use YouTube to increase your search results, add backlinks, and share it across other media for improved SEO

    It is the Number 2 Search Engine!


*headTrix is an approved Training Vendor of the Editors Guild - Subsidized Training available for Members


What will I Learn in class? What is SEO?




Search Engine Optimization Upcoming Classes

Location Length Dates Times Cost
Live Online Training 2 days Nov 16-17 Wed-Thu
9:30am - 4:30pm
Los Angeles 2 days Nov 16-17 Wed-Thu
9:30am - 4:30pm
Quick-Start 1 day Nov 7 Mon
Dec 1 Thu
10am - 12pm
San Francisco 2 days Oct 25-26 Tue-Wed
Nov 21-22 Mon-Tue
Dec 21-22 Wed-Thu
9am - 4pm

 Search Engine Optimization Training Class Outline

Adobe Captivate Training Los Angeles

Search Engine Optimization is for anyone that has a website and wants to increase your standings in the major search engines.


  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
What are the top search engines?
Search Results in Google and Bing
Organic vs PPC Ads
Google Search Results (Links and Descriptions, Title Tag and Meta tag)

Introduction to SEO
Learn how what shows up in search results
Compare SEO's cost-per-lead with the costs of common direct marketing methods
Know the difference between natural or organic link placement in search results and paid or sponsored link placement
Define and measure market visibility
Determine which search engines besides Google may be worth exploring

Choosing the Right Keywords & Keyphrases for SEO

Importance of Keywords
How are people searching for you?
Body Content and keywords
Finding Good Keywords
Choose the most successful keywords for your business
Use recommended keyword research sites and selection tools
Research, analyze and compare the keyword lists of your competitors

Introduction to HTML

What is HTML?
Learn Basics of HTML so you can optimize your pages
Architecture of an HTML page
Learning the important HTML tags
Folder Directory, Filenames, & Organization for SEO
Learn the Importance of the Title Tag
Header tags for SEO
Img tag and alt tags for SEO
adding links for SEO
Link Title Tags
Meta Tags (Keywords and Description)
Create entry or landing pages below the home page to target specific search phrases
Establish a web page's theme by putting keywords in the approrpriate tags (title, alt, meta)
Create "keyword density" by inserting keywords
Employ sitemaps and internal links strategically
Learn how to any websites HTML source code

Link Building for SEO

What is Page Rank?
How does Page Rank affect SEO?
Page Rank, Popularity, and Content
Backlinks show Creditbility
Checking backlinks
Backlinks within your Genre
Learn Great ideas for adding backlinks for SEO
Integrated Site Links
Inbound Links
"The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to search engines about the relative importance of that page"
Links from other sites for SEO
Navigation Links
Footer Links to help Search Engines Navigate your site
Links with Keywords for Search Engine Optimization
Learn how to identify "PageRank"
Determine the value of a potential link by examining its source code
Learn how to Find web sites that link to your competitors, which presumably would also be willing to link to yours
Find industry directories and similar sites where you can freely submit your site for consideration
Creative thinking for inbound links: partnerships, reciprocal links, and blog links

Sitemaps for Search Engine Optimization

What is a Sitemap?
How can a Sitemap help for SEO?
Creating an HTML site map
Footer Sitemaps
XML site maps
Creating XML sitemaps
Uploading XML sitemaps to Google and Bing

Social Media Marketing for Search Engine Optimization

What is Social Media?
How can Social Media help with my SEO campaign?
Importance of Social Media and Popularity
Social Media Accounts (Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus)

YouTube Channel
YouTube Videos and Pages

Google Authorship

Learn how Google Authorship can aid your SEO

Learn how you can track your Analytics with google and your SEO progress


Spicing up your listing

Adding your photo to your listing
Using Geo Meta Tags for specific Locations
Adding Microdate for Star ratings, recipes, reviews and events

Receive a Certificate of Completion and a copy of the Google Simple Start Guide in PDF form


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We offer Search Engine Optimization Training classes in Los Angeles
Austin | Dallas | Houston | Newport | Phoenix | Sacramento | San Jose | San Francisco
and many other cities throughout the country via our partner network.

We offer Group Search Engine Optimization Classes,
1-on-1 Search Engine Optimization Training, Live Online Search Engine Optimization Training,
and Onsite Search Engine Optimization Training nationwide.


SEO Training Reviews and Testimonials

SEO Training

It was one of the most informative and hands on classes, that enable me to understand SEO and learn how to implement it myself. I also took it, so I can tell other people, who work for me, what I am looking for, and also be able to check their work, to make sure they dont cheat me :)
- , veryVeniceArt

5 Star Rating

SEO Training

Mark and headTrix Training moved me up the learning curve. I learned in 4 hours what would have taken me months if not a year to learn on my own. When you are launching an eCommerce platform that can be the difference between success and failure. It's a worthwhile investment in education and gives you skills that are so valuable. I will be back for more courses in different areas soon! A+
- , Zero Gravity Tables

5 Star Rating

Rated 4.9/5 based on 93 student reviews | Read more Training Testimonials


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