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FrameMaker Training

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Los Angeles Adobe FrameMaker Training

Acrobat Training Classes in Los Angeles

author, structure, review & publish complex content.

FrameMaker| Level 2 takes your skills to the next level. Learn to take advantage of long document support including book management, working with advanced numbering, markers and variables. Create sophisticated tables and rich formatting options that include footnotes, cross-references and more. Learn how to manipulate conditional documents and publish for different outputs. Work with templates and advanced formats to reuse design and content.

Your instructor will cover the pitfalls and the best practices will be followed so that you are creating long technical documents correctly and efficiently in this Framemaker class.




Framemaker Level 2 Upcoming Classes

Location Length Dates Times Cost
Live Online 2 days Sep 3-4 Tue-Wed
Dec 10-11 Tue-Wed


FrameMaker Training Outline | Level 2

Los Angeles Adobe FrameMaker Training

FrameMaker : Level 2 is for students looking to take their skills to the next level, with advanced features like long document support, advanced numbering, markers and variables.

  • Basic Computer Skills on Windows or Mac
  • Have taken the Framemaker | Level 1, or  equivalent knowledge

Cross-References and Footnotes

  • Inserting a paragraph crossreference
  • Displaying the source of a crossreference
  • Inserting an external crossreference
  • Creating a cross-reference format
  • Using the new cross-reference format
  • Inserting a spot cross-reference
  • Resolving cross-references
  • Inserting footnotes
  • Changing footnotes

Conditional Text

  • Working in a Conditional Document
  • Viewing a conditional document
  • Examining condition tags and condition
  • indicators
  • Modifying condition indicators
  • Viewing different versions of a document
  • Preparing separate versions for distribution
  • Modifying a Conditional Document
  • Creating a new condition tag
  • Applying a condition tag
  • Assigning a condition tag before typing
  • Making text unconditional
  • Using additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Finding conditional text

Advanced Numbering

  • Resetting Auto numbered Paragraphs
  • Automatically resetting auto numbered
  • paragraphs
  • Using Series Labels in auto numbered
  • paragraphs
  • Using Multiple Counters in auto number
  • formats
  • Planning a Complex Numbering Series
  • Figuring out building blocks for a complex
  • Auto numbering scheme

Advanced System and User Variables

  • Working with User Variables
  • Creating and inserting a user variable
  • Editing a user variable's definition
  • Formatting a user variable
  • Working With System Variables
  • Modifying system variables
  • Inserting a new system variable
  • Changing the format of a system variable
  • System Variable Building Blocks
  • Examples of Running H/F Variables
  • Based on Paragraph Formats

Text Insets and Advanced

  • Cross-References
  • Using Text Insets
  • Importing a text inset
  • Updating a text inset
  • Using Cross-References
  • Inserting a paragraph crossreference
  • Customizing a cross-reference format
  • Creating and Editing Cross-Reference
  • Formats
  • Creating a cross-reference format
  • Adding a Character format to a
  • cross-reference
  • FrameMaker Cross-Reference

Hypertext and Markers

  • Creating a hypertext Using Markers
  • Using cross-references as hypertext links
  • Testing hypertext links
  • Adding navigation buttons
  • Generating PDF Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • from FrameMaker

Chapter Templates

  • Creating a Template
  • Creating the document
  • Setting up the Character Catalog
  • Setting up the Paragraph Catalog
  • Right master page
  • Setting up the Right master page
  • Left master page
  • Setting up the Left master page
  • First master page
  • Creating the First master page


  • Viewing the finished book file
  • Creating a book file
  • Adding documents to the book
  • Opening files from the book window
  • Adding a table of contents
  • Generating the table of contents
  • Setting up chapter numbering
  • Fixing the pagination
  • Changing the layout
  • Adding a title
  • Formatting the entries
  • Changing the contents of entries
  • Finishing the file

Building Books

  • Book Files
  • Creating a book file
  • Opening all files in a book
  • Importing Formats into Files in a Book
  • Changing a footer and importing formats
  • Specifying Paragraph Numbering
  • Specifying Volume and Chapter Numbering
  • Specifying Footnote Numbering and Table
  • Footnote Numbering
  • Specifying page and paragraph numbering
  • Generating/Updating Files in a Book
  • Other book-wide commands


  • Adding an index to the book
  • Changing the layout
  • Adding a title
  • Updating the page footer
  • Formatting the entries
  • Formatting page numbers
  • Fixing bad line breaks
  • Adding index entries
  • Editing index entries

Generated Files (TOCs & Indexes)

  • TOC file names
  • Generating a table of contents
  • Formatting a Table of Contents
  • Adding and formatting a custom master
  • page
  • Applying a custom master page
  • Changing the form and content of the TOC
  • Generating an Index
  • Marking Text
  • Applying a custom master page
  • Changing the Organization and Content of
  • Index
  • Changing the reference page in the index
  • Inserting page range index markers
  • Troubleshooting an Index
  • Correcting index entries
  • Alternate Methods for Formatting
  • Generated Documents

Converting documents to PDF

  • Opening a FrameMaker book
  • Converting FrameMaker Files to PDF Files
  • Converting a FrameMaker book to PDF
  • Integrating Flash and Video Files
  • Workflows with RoboHelp
  • Incorporating Photoshop and Illustrator

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