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Premiere Training

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Premiere Training | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Sacramento | Newport | Austin | Phoenix

Advance your Video Editing skills

Premiere Training | Level 2 learn how the pros do color correction,
key-frame animation, and popular motion-graphics tricks like track mattes and simulated 3D space.
Learn the principles of working with the audio mixer and filters like reverb/EQ to integrate your audio tracks into a sonic masterpiece.


Premiere Level 2 Upcoming Classes

Location Length Dates Times Cost
Live Online 2 days Jul 3-4 Wed-Thu
Sep 18-19 Wed-Thu


Premiere Training Outline | Level 2

Adobe Premiere Training in Los Angeles or Live Online Training | Become a video editor, Edit movies, commercials, and home videos. Composite videos, add transitions, title effects, sound, and more!

Adobe Premiere Level 2 Training is for designers and corporate communications professionals who are looking to advance their understanding of digital video and editing.

  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac
  • Have taken the Premiere | Level 1, or  equivalent knowledge

Color correction

  • Levels
  • RGB Curbs
  • The Fast Color Corrector
  • The Three-Way Color Corrector
  • Shadow/Highlight effect
  • The scopes and legal NTSC values
  • The reference monitor

Audio Enhancements

  • EQ effect
  • Reverb effect
  • Pitch Shifter effect
  • Fill Left/Right effect

The Audio Mixer Part 2

  • Clip vs. track effects
  • Sub-mix tracks and audio routing
  • Track effects and sends
  • Automation modes (read, write, latch, touch and off)

A and B Roll Editing

  • Synchronizing the A and B angles using audio clues
  • Using separate video track for A and B (cutting on the action)

The Multicam Monitor

  • Synchronizing multiple camera angles using audio or video clues
  • Nesting and enabling for Multicam Monitor
  • Re-recording/overriding previous edits
  • Cut touch ups and camera changes
  • Modifying the nested sequence

The Trim Monitor

  • Precision ripple and rolling edits
  • Preferences for pre/post roll and trim increments

Keyframe Animation

  • Animating effects in the Effects Control Panel Popular motion-graphic effects (fade in/out, scale and rotate in/out, etc)
  • Animating effects in the Timeline/Sequence pane (review of selection and pen tool)
  • Keyframe types and interpolation (linear, Bezier, auto Bezier, etc)

Popular Motion-Graphics Effects

  • Rotating in 3D space
  • Animating track mattes
  • Lens flare
  • Animated color changes
  • Using nested sequences as symbols
  • Blending modes

Integration with Adobe Creative Suite Products

    After Effects

    • Taking advantage of AE Text Animation Presets
    • AE backgrounds
    • Chroma Keying form AE


    • Importing PS layered documents as sequences
    • Updating Premiere assets from PS


    • Exporting Chapter Markers for Encore
    • Rendering Premier sequences directly in Encore




Advanced Preferences


Archiving a Finished Project


Optimizing your Computer System for Maximum Performance

  • Two and three-hard-drive configurations (7200 rpm and lower HD speeds)
  • Internal, external and server drives
  • Taking advantage of your Graphics Card

Understanding and Managing Premier Generated Files

  • Conformed audio, PEK files, indexed video files
  • Media cash files
  • Preview files
  • Auto-save files


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We offer Adobe Certified Premiere Training classes in Los Angeles
Austin | Houston | Phoenix | Sacramento | San Francisco | Live Online
and many other cities throughout the country via our partner network.

We offer Group Premiere Classes,
1-on-1 Premiere Training, Live Online Instructor-Led Premiere Training,
and Onsite Premiere Training nationwide.


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