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Dreamweaver CC Training

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Dreamweaver Training | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Newport | Sacramento

Dreamweaver CC | Level 3

Our Dreamweaver training provides you with the right training solutions to help you learn Adobe Dreamweaver for improving your web pages. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for Adobe Dreamweaver training in Dallas, Los Angeles, Live Online or call us for onsite training at your site.

Get up to speed on the latest web technologies! This course is designed for experienced web site developers who want to take their pages beyond the restrictions of HTML 4 and CSS 2. Building on those conventional web technologies, this class will help your creative vision to come to fruition using the most useful and popular features of HTML 5 and CSS 3 implemented in current mainstream browsers.

Dreamweaver Training Classes in Los Angeles

  • Learn HTML to create websites in codeview, and then learn the easy way of letting Dreamweaver do all the work in Design View!

  • Learn about Bitmap and Vector images, define your target market, create a flow chart, storyboard, learn SEO, and optimize images for the web.


    Scaleable Websites
    Learn how to create fully flexible websites, start by defining a site, then create the layout, import images, design the page, add text, & more.

  • Dreamweaver CS5.5 Training - Cafe Townsend Restaurant Website


    Create a company website,
    insert tables, images, rollover buttons, text, add video, flash, behaviors, & style with CSS.

    View Site

Dreamweaver Level 3 Upcoming Classes

Location Length Dates Times Cost



Dreamweaver CC: Website Development is for advance users wanting to epxand their skills using HTML5 and CSS3.


  • Basic Computer Skills on Windows or Mac
  • Have taken the Dreamweaver | Level 2, or  equivalent knowledge

Dreamweaver Training Outline | Level 3


Los Angeles Adobe Dreamweaver Training
  • Reviewing HTML & CSS inDreamweaver
  • Using Behaviors
  • Assigning ID Names for CSS and Behaviors
  • Creating Double-Rollovers
  • Behavior Effects
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts
  • Creating your own KeyBoard Shortcuts


  • Understanding the new structural HTML elements and the rationale for their use
  • Implementing new form elements and attributes for improved form design and utility
  • Inserting audio and video elements and media support
  • Embedding media in your pages


  • Understanding CSS 3 attribute selectors to specify beginning, ending, and substring attributes
  • Using structural pseudo class selectors such as n-th child and first-of-type
  • Comparing new general sibling selector to the older adjacent sibling selector
  • Identifying the uses for pseudo classes to create generated content
  • Implementing rounded edges on page content
  • Adding drop shadows to text and boxes
  • Using images as borders and for multiple backgrounds
  • Using web fonts and effects to add pizazz to text elements
  • Transforming objects to rotate, scale, and skew them
  • Adding color, transparency, and gradients to objects
  • Performing media queries to apply styles based on device dimensions
  • Laying out pages using a true multi-column layout
  • Identifying resources for automating style creation


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