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Animate CC Training

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Animate CC Training | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Newport | Sacramento

Create, Draw, Animate & Design!

Animate CC| Level 1 teaches beginning students with no prior Animate experience the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to create rich media ads, presentations, animation, and interactive multimedia for web and desktop. Learn about vector and bitmap graphics, create vector art, learn how to animate, create symbols (graphic, movieClip, and Button), instance properties, instance effects, filters, motion guides, masking, and more!



Animate CC Level 1 Upcoming Classes

Location Length Dates Times Cost
Austin 3 days Apr 24-26 Mon-Wed
9am - 4pm
Live Online Training 3 days Apr 17-19 Mon-Wed
Jun 19-21 Mon-Wed
9:30am - 4:30pm
Los Angeles 3 days Jun 19-21 Mon-Wed
9:30am - 4:30pm

Create Art and Animate with Adobe Animate CC

Create Art and Animate with Adobe Animate CC

Learn how easy it is to draw in Animate CC and then animate your art in a Animate CC! Create animated movies creating everything from scratch as you master Adobe Animate.
Learn how Animate CC works with the web!Its pro's, its cons, and tips & tricks

Create art with Animate CC drawing tools, create symbols, add scenes, use gradients, masks, create animation using motion tweens, frame-by-frame animation, and lerarn how to use the Motion Editor to create animations, animate using color effects, transparency, filters, and easing.

Create MovieClips using frame-by-frame animations and other symbols and art. You will create art from scratch and then animate it! Using motion guides to create a path for your animation, , create lightning in Photoshop and import it into Animate CC and see how these programs can work seemlessly! You'll add images, sound, video, and use color effects, masking and filters for dynamic animation... all this and more in this fun 3 day class!


Animate CC Training Outline | Level 1

Los Angeles Adobe Animate CC Training | Create Vector Animation Learn Adobe Animate

Animate CC: Level 1 is for students who are new to Animate CC (or who have used Animate only to build applications) that want to use it to build rich media applications that effectively use animation, sound, text, graphics, and video.

  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac


Introduction to Animate CC

  • What is Animate CC?
  • What happened to Flash?
  • What is an HTML% Canvas
  • What is a SWF?
  • About the Flash Player and plugin
  • Setting up your Workspace in Adobe Animate CC
  • Organizing Panels and panel groups

Creating a canvas in Adobe Animate CC

  • Setting up new documents
  • Setting Document Properties
  • The Stage and Work area
  • The Animate CC Tools panel
  • The Property Inspector
  • Introducing the Timeline
  • Practicing with Animate CC drawing tools
  • Learning drawing and selection tools

Getting Started with the Drawing Tools

  • Drawing in Animate CC
  • Working with Drawing Objects
  • Adding text to your artwork
  • Working with colors
  • Creating gradients
  • Using the Gradient Transform Tool
  • Creating and saving custom colors
  • Organizing and layering graphics
  • Working with layers
  • Arranging, locking, and hiding layers
  • Transforming graphics
  • The Transform panel and Free Transform too
  • Setting preferences
  • Identifying the development cycle
  • Publishing a file

Creating and Importing Graphic Assets

  • Creating Original Artwork in Animate CC
  • Using Animate CC Tools to manipulate and create artwork
  • Working with different graphic formats
  • What are Bitmap Graphics?
  • What are Vector Graphics?
  • Importing bitmap graphics
  • Importing vector graphics
  • Working with layers and layer folders
  • Working with the Color panel
  • Creating and using Graphic Symbols
  • Swapping out an imported file
  • Modifying imported artwork
  • Importing a layered Photoshop file
  • Importing Illustrator artwork

Using Text Effectively

  • Using the Text tool
  • Adding and formatting static text
  • Changing font rendering methods
  • Anti-Aliasing Fonts for Readability and Animation
  • Breaking Text Apart for Animation

Using Symbols and the Library

  • What are symbols?
  • Creating and Updating Symbols
  • A look at the Library panel
  • Converting a graphic to a symbol
  • Building artwork with symbol instances
  • Positioning and snapping in symbol instances
  • Editing and duplicating symbols
  • Editing symbols in place
  • Modifying instances
  • Duplicating symbols
  • Adding graphics and text
  • Swapping symbols
  • Managing and Working with the Library
  • Importing External Libraries
  • Organizing symbols with folders
  • Graphic Symbols vs Movie Clip Symbols

Advanced Tools

  • Working with Onion Skinning for frame-by-frame animation
  • Editing Multiple Frames
  • New Animate CC tools for advanced drawing
  • Masking Techniques
  • Animated Masks
  • Introducing the Deco tools

Creating Basic Animation

  • Introducing keyframes and the Timeline
  • Creating Animations using Symbols and Motion Tweens
  • Tween layers and automatic keyframing
  • Tweening multiple objects
  • Previewing animation with Test Movie
  • Animating on a motion guide
  • Orienting Animations to a path
  • Incorporating color effects and Transformations
  • Introducing the Motion Editor
  • Modifying animations using the Motion Editor
  • Tweening rotation
  • Morphing graphics and colors with Shape Tweens
  • Legacy techniques: Creating classic tweens
  • Adding color effects and scaling to a classic tween
  • (Re)creating motion guides for classic tweens
  • Adjusting animation with onion skinning

Advanced Animation

  • Copying, pasting, and saving animation
  • Duplicating Animations
  • Using Symbols inside of symbols for
  • Using Copy and Paste Motion
  • Using and Creating Motion Presets
  • Applying Advanced Easing Behavior
  • Animating Masks
  • Creating Animation with IK Poses
  • Sequencing Animation
  • Shifting, Moving, and Extending Tween Spans
  • Rendering and Animating in 3D
  • The 3D Rotation tool
  • The 3D Translation tool
  • Fine-Tuning Tweens with the Motion Editor
  • Adding shape tweens and shape hints
  • Creating Shape Hints
  • Animating Color Effects
  • Creating and Animating Filters (drop shadows, bevels)

Customizing Your Workflow

  • Customizing workspace layouts
  • Using Shortcuts Keys
  • Managing workspaces
  • Setting preferences
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Visual aids for alignment
  • Rulers and guides
  • Guide layers
  • Advanced alignment
  • Refining your aligned objects

Using Moving Clips

  • Creating and using Movie Clip symbols
  • Organizing a Movie Clip Timeline
  • Using frame labels
  • Responding to user interactions

Adding Sound and Video

  • Importing sound
  • Changing sound properties
  • Event, Start and Streaming Sound
  • Adding sound to a Timeline
  • Modifying and Editing Sound
  • Embedding video in a Timeline
  • Using the FLVPlayback component

Publishing Animate CC Documents

  • Publishing and Exporting Animate CC files
  • Exporting to different formats
  • Creating Templates
  • Using publishing profiles
  • The Bandwith Profiler
  • Publishing for deployment

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