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Captivate 9 Training

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Adobe Captivate Training in Los Angeles | San Francisco | Newport | Sacramento | Austin | Phoenix and Onsite Captivate Training Classes

Create Training Presentations & Simulations

Captivate 9 | Level 2 is a 2 day class that teaches more advanced features of Captivate such as: advanced actions, using the motion editor for creating animation, Sophisticated Branching scenarios, Video Editing, editing skins, Picture-in-Picture, Editing Full Motion Recordings, adding Video to the TOC, Video with Pan and Zoom, Video Transitions, , Using Variables, Widgets, and Advanced Actions.

Acrobat Training Classes in Los Angeles
  • Captivate Training in Los Angeles - Add Captions, change captions types


    Learn how to create video simulations with pan and zoom for better instructional videos. Edit speed of zoom/pan in and zoom/pan out.

  • Captivate Training in Los Angeles - Create Presentations, import and crop images and more in captivate Training level 1 in Los Angeles


    Learn how to create a Table of Contents, import and edit video across multiple screens, and add video to the Table of Contents.

  • Captivate Training in Los Angeles - Animate Text, animate objects and more in Captivate Training in Los Angeles


    Learn how to trim and split your videos, add transitions, and add Picture in Picture!

Sample Captivate Training Video



Captivate Level 2 Upcoming Classes

Location Length Dates Times Cost
Austin 2 days Mar 16-17 Thu-Fri
9am - 4pm
Houston 2 days Mar 16-17 Thu-Fri
9am - 4pm
Live Online Training 2 days Mar 30-31 Thu-Fri
May 4-5 Thu-Fri
9:30am - 4:30pm
Los Angeles 0 days Mar 30-31 Thu-Fri
May 4-5 Thu-Fri
9:30am - 4:30pm
Phoenix 2 days Mar 8-9 Wed-Thu
9am - 4pm


Captivate Training Outline | Level 2
Adobe Captivate Training Los Angeles

Adobe Captivate Level 2 is a course for intermediate Captivate users who already have an understanding of the application and want to expand their skillset.

  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac
  • Have taken the Captivate | Level 1, or  equivalent knowledge


Reviewing the Essentials

  • Setting General Preferences
  • Styling Object Defaults
  • Set Recording Preferences and Keys
  • Standard Simlulations vs Video Simulations
  • Automatic vs Full Motion Recording
  • Panning and Zooming
  • Trimming Video Simulations
    Trimming Full Motion Recordings

Advanced Customization

  • Modifying Skins
  • Editing and Creating Borders
  • Editing TOC defaults
  • Adding Video to the TOC
  • Creating Captivate CPR preferences files
  • Modifying the Preloader

Importing and Branching

  • Import a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Edit a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Resizing a Project
  • Importing Question Pools
  • Use Buttons to Create a Branch
  • Explore the Branching Tab
  • Create Custom Buttons
  • Aggregate Published SWFs

Accessible Projects

  • Set Document Information
  • Enable Accessibility
  • Add Accessibility Text to Slides
  • Import Audio
  • Add Shortcut Keys
  • Add Closed Captions

Commenting, Image Editing and Inserting PhotoShop Files

  • Send a Project for Review
    Commenting Projects and Quality Assurance
  • Create a Background Mask
  • Edit a Slide Background
  • Delete a Slide Background
  • Import a PhotoShop File
  • Work with PhotoShop Layers

Variables, Widgets and Buttons

  • Add Document Information
  • Insert a System Variable
  • Edit a System Variable
  • Create a User Variable
  • Use a Variable to Gather Data
  • Insert a Question Widget
  • Insert a Certificate Widget
  • Create Custom Buttons
  • Defining Widgets
  • Using Widgets
  • Widget Settings
  • Custom Widgets

Project and Design

  • Templates
  • Create a Project Template
  • Create a Project From a Template
  • Record Additional Slides
  • Delete Unused Objects
  • Create a Mask
  • Add a Text Animation Placeholder
  • Create a Design Template
  • Format Design Template Objects
  • Apply a Design Template to a Project

Advanced Actions

  • Control Object Visibility
  • Name Items
  • Attach Multiple Actions to Objects
  • Create Variables
  • Add Text Entry Boxes
  • Create a Script
  • Attach a Script to a Slide
  • Test and Edit a Script

Learning Management Systems

  • Set Quiz Reporting Options
  • Create a Manifest File
  • Report a Button Interaction
  • Adjust Slide Object Interaction
  • Publish a Content Package
  • Create an Inquisiq LMS Account
  • Create an LMS Lesson
  • Create an LMS Course
  • Create an LMS Curriculum
  • Test an eLearning Course


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