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Dreamweaver CC Training

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Dreamweaver Training | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Newport | Sacramento

Develop Websites USING DIVS & CSS

Dreamweaver CC | Level 2 Take your web building skills to the next level with Dreamweaver Level 2 hands on training. Build engaging websites that incorporate CSSand Div Tags. Design different types of CSS layouts from scratch and learn techniques for dealing with browser compatibility issues. Create CSS image galleries and navigation menus. Learn the toolsets necessary to create dynamic CSS controlled websites in this two day training. Learn now to create flexible designs that work for Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

Acrobat Training Classes in Los Angeles

    Learn how to create functional websites with HTML5 & CSS3

  • Learn how to use CSS3 to style Divs to create rounded corners, circular and rotated Divs, Drop Shadows & Transparent Divs

  • Learn how to use HTML5 to create animated rollover transitions!

    Rollover Me

    Come Learn CSS3!

  • Learn how to hide and reveal layers to create a portfolio of images or content.

  • Create adaptive Fluid Grid Layouts for
    Mobile, Tablet and Desktop


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Dreamweaver Level 2 Upcoming Classes

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Dreamweaver Training Outline | Level 2

Los Angeles Adobe Dreamweaver Training Photoshop Training Classes in Los Angeles


Dreamweaver: Website Development is for people that have used Dreamweaver for web development, and want to advance their skills using layers and CSS and more advanced features.

  • Basic Computer Skills on Windows or Mac
  • Have taken the Dreamweaver | Level 1, or equivalent knowledge

Introducing the Course

  • Understanding the course format
  • Reviewing the course objectives and prerequisites
  • Reviewing the course format
  • Outlining at the course content
  • Understanding static page architecture

Getting Started

  • Reviewing HTML & CSS inDreamweaver
  • Using Behaviors
  • Assigning ID Names for CSS and Behaviors
  • Creating Double-Rollovers
  • Behavior Effects
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts
  • Creating your own KeyBoard Shortcuts

DIVs | Creating Layers Using Dreamweaver

  • What is a DIV?
  • Creating DIVs
  • Naming Divs
  • Creating CSS for Divs
  • Specificity
  • Creating a variety of H1 tags
  • Absolute and Relative Divs
  • Fixed Divs
  • Fluid Grid Layout Divs

The Box Model

    Learning the Box Model
    Creating CSS for Content, Padding, Margins, and Borders!
    Modifying and Finding CSS
    The QuickTag Editor

Creating a Website with Cascading Style Sheets

    Using Divs to Layout a Website
    Using Pre-Made Layouts to create a website
    Converting Tables to DIVs
    Importing and Exporting CSS Rules

Creating a Portfolio Using Behaviors and Divs 

    Aligning Our Images Using CSS
    Structuring with CSS
    Floating Divs
    Toggling Visibility Using CSS and Behaviors
    Creating a variety of Link Styles using CSS


    Creating a Navigation Using CSS
    Learning about Spry
    Creating Jump Menus
    Creating Drop Down Menus
    Creating Tabbed Panels
    Accordion Panels
    Collapsable Panels
    Creating Spry Tool Tips


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